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Hi! that's me - Hobbit ! My can-opener-parents are Ted und Sujata. But enough of them and now to me!

My can-opener-mother isn't really sure about my age - her guess is I am 12 weeks old. At least, that's how old I was when she brought me home on the 6th. of August 2001 from Rietberg. I was reeeeeeal good during the journey. And when I saw the room that was specially arranged for me, I knew that my can-opener-mother had really done everything possible to make my stay comfortable and cosy. My can-opener-father drove rather well, so that I didn't have any reason to throw up.

My stop-over-family in Rietberg named me Nero, but my can-opener-mom decided that Nero Carleone (a BOOK-cat) had only one white paw and so she named me after the characters in her favourite book - Lord of the Rings - Hobbit. It suits me fine, you see, because Hobbits have hairy feet, appreciate tidyness and are not exactly very fond of water and heights.

 On my first day I looked around and investigated every nook and cranny I could crawl into. I touched an inspected everything that lay in my path... The most interesting part of the house is my can-opener-mother's room - she's got this thing on her desk - she calls it a computer - and she's got this interesting thing lying in front of this cube that's got lot's of tiny squares on it (she calls it a keyboard). Everytime I run over this "keyboard", it makes a wonderful sound - very interesting noises and the picture on the cube changes too! Most of all I absolutely LOVE sitting on top of this cube. I can look down at the pictures and it's warm and oh! so cosy!...

And by the by... I've come across my neighbours and made my acquaintence with them. My neighbours are two tomcats - real lookers, like me - Charlie and Othello (he's jet-black) and a bitch - Lumpy. They all seem to like me - hmm... actually that isn't a wonder - everyone says that I'm sooo goodlooking and sooo adorable. My can-opener-mom constantly cuddles me and I bet, I can wrap her around my little paw and get her to do everything just the way I want it! <grin>

I'm not allowed to go out at the moment - unless ofcourse one of my can-openers carry me out. My predecessor, Ginger, got run over by a car that drove a mite faster than it ought to have and since then, my can-opener-mom is extremely scared that something could happen to me. She's terribly angry with such drivers - me too!

But some time back I noticed that the front door was wide open and I took my first rush towards the garden. What fun it was! And what fun it was seeing my can-opener-mom try to catch me! I was too quick for her. And then can-opener-dad showered me with the garden-hose and that gave me the shock of my life and sent me scurring back home! But the fresh air and the game of "catch" was worth the trouble!

Well... that's it for now... I'll go online as often as I can and try to have new photographs taken so that you know exactly what my day's been like and how I'm growing...


Miau! (p.s.: You may write to me, if you'd like to - just click here)

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